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【Important Notices】

Techno Circus will be closed for a while to prevent "COVID-19" from spreading.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.


The Golden Buzzer Winning Act from America's Got Talent will be happening in Sinjuku for a long running show!

“TECHNO CIRCUS” is a non-verbal technodelic performance show for people of all ages and nationalities.

A sensational fusion of high-tech and human, a revolution in live entertainment, fusing mime, visual effects, and a techno soundtrack.

The group offers an ultimate collaboration of human and technology that you have never seen before.

Expect to be immersed, surprised, and entertained.

It has to be experienced in person to know what it truly is.

SIRO-A amazed the world by their performance on America's Got Talent season 10, with winning Golden Buzzer from Piers Morgan and standing ovation from all notable judges, that has sent them to the live performance at Radio City Music Hall.

The show receive high commendation from “TripAdvisor” which is one of the biggest travel and restaurant website.

As the show duration is approx.45minutes, tourist can easily enjoy this show.

Get ready for SIRO-A's long-running show towards TOKYO 2020 Olympics!!